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7 days FREE community Fall Cleanse

Rediscover your inner strength, ignite your passion for life, and reawaken your spirit.

"Hi, I'm Sis Timberg, Certified Health & hormones coach, Founder of Luna Hormones"

I invite you to take part and fully immerse yourself in the experience of the Fall cleanse. A seasonal, holistic community program, completely free, designed to help you cleanse your liver, nourish your body and heal, naturally.

The 7-day Fall Cleanse

The guided FREE 7-day Fall Cleanse is designed to be a comprehensive and holistic approach to detoxing.

What to expect:

Renewed Energy

Inner Balance: Dive in the season of harmony

Delicious, Nutrient-Rich Meals

Stress & anxiety reduction

Community Support

Expert Guidance


Why detox?

For centuries, ancient cultures have used the changing seasons as a time to cleanse the body. In our modern world, the need to support the natural detoxification of the body is crucial.

The Cleanse is especially useful if you're experiencing any of the symptoms below:

​Chronic fatigue
Mood swings
Strong/ painful periods
Acne or skin breakouts 
Stubborn weight gain, especially around the belly
Missing / Chaotic periods
Chronic stressed
Sluggish energy

Included in the program

2 days of preparation
7 days of detox, daily recipes.
Rituals for mornings and evenings
Detox Yoga flow
Community support


"I am here to guide and support you in the deep experience of cleansing" ​

Sis Timberg health coach

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Welcome the Fall season. Start your detox journey now

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