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21 days reset program

Welcome to the 21-day reset program application page. 

This is a new program, designed to help you reach hormonal balance, a clear mind and a refreshed you.  


What is the 21 day program

This program is designed to help women address their symptoms naturally, taking a root cause approach. You will get daily emails with educational content on holistic health, recipes and downloadable materials. We will touch on topics like liver detoxification, gut health, mental health, exercise, recommended supplements, all from the perspective of our hormones. 

We will meet weekly via Zoom and daily via a whatsapp group to support you in your progress,

share experiences and plan ahead. 

This program is for you if...

You're sick of the ongoing fatigue, bloating,

weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, PMS and period pain & cycle issues.

It's time to address these symptoms in a holistic, 360 degree approach and put an end to your suffering. 

Sis om_edited.jpg

Your health coach, sis

After suffering from severe PMS, period pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog and miscarriages, I have decided to, finally, put an end to my suffering, quit medications and go only with natural & holistic solutions.


I studied, I researched, and became a certified hormone health coach, and now I can help you be free of symptoms, feel good in your own skin and full of life force! 

Sign up for the program for free, spots are limited

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