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Health Coaching

Taking a Root-Cause approach

Become the master of your own health

Our health coaching program is a personalized approach to helping you improve your overall health and well-being. The program typically starts with an initial discovery call, in which we will gather information about your current health status, goals, and any obstacles that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.

Based on this information, we will develop a customized plan that addresses your specific needs and goals. The plan may include a combination of lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise modifications, as well as strategies for managing stress and other factors that can impact your health.

We will then work closely to help you implement the plan and make the necessary changes. This may include regular check-ins, progress assessments, and adjustments to the plan as needed. I will provide you with the education and the resources you need to help you better understand your body and the changes you are making.

Step up your hormonal game

Reclaim your power now. Period bliss is coming.

You joined the revolution! ♡

Imagine waking up energized in the morning, having pain free periods, no bloating, no emotional rollercoaster. 

I was sceptical too, but this can be your new YOU. 

Newsflash #1

Your hormones regulate everything that happens in your body. When they are balanced they all work together like a team, and your body  but when something is off communication starts to slows down and this is when you start to experience fatigue, moodiness, weight gain, breakouts, irregular or heavy periods.


Newsflash #2

What we eat has a direct effect on the health of hormones, and our hormones determine our mood, energy, our cycles and digestion. By making healthy choices to your diet, you can improve instantly the health of your hormones.

Hormonal coaching: Taking a Root-Cause approach

With hormone coaching we work together to dig deeper to find underlying and root causes that might cause our hormones to go out of balance. 

Whether it's chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, stress or gut issues, we can work on those topics taking an investigative approach and gain clarity and contorl over your health. 

We take your doctor’s recommendations, or your desires for lifestyle & diet changes, and then co-create with you a plan to help you reach your goals for lasting change.

Not sure if it’s your hormones?
Here are some typical symptoms of hormonal imbalance:
  • You are tired most of the time, no matter how much sleep you may be getting

  • Your period is painful, full of cramps, bloating and breakouts

  • You are a slave of your cravings and cannot control them. 

  • You feel bloated and moody 

  • You don't feel like yourself a big portion of the month

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