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The hormone balancing program

A 12-week, 1:1 coaching program to balance hormones, alleviate PMS symptoms and gain clarity & energy


Bring your hormones back into balance and finally put an end to cycle disorders, period pain, mood swings and fatigue.

Welcome to my world! My name is Sis, and I'm a certified health coach and the founder of Luna Hormones. I am thrilled you are here, and I look forward to walking this journey with you towards balanced hormones and radiant life.

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This program is for you


If you are sick of being in the dark about your health, and you want to take an active, NATURAL approach to your symptoms, that goes to the root causes. 


Symptoms like: Chaotic cycles, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, strong mood swings, anxiety, bloated belly, strong periods, infertility, ​PMS, digestion issues, weight gain, acne. 

“I just had my first period after your program, OMG! First time in years I didn't have any PMS symptoms😍! No pain, mood swings, bloating... Not even a tiny pimple!"

Anna, 32


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