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The home of holistic health coaching

My holistic approach means I take into account the whole person and I understand the interconnectedness of all factors combined. While I am working on alleviating your symptoms, I also take a root cause approach in order to make a difference for you in the long term. 

As a certified holistic coach and herbal educator, I am equipped with the tools and the knowledge to help you on your health journey.

Whether you’re dealing with PMS / PMDD, PCOS, thyroid issues or perimenopause, I incorporate all modalities to bring you back to hormonal balance – from nutritional guidance, botanical support and supplements, to meditation and mindfulness.

My areas of specialty



Mood swings, rage, weight gain, low libido, migraines, insomnia... these are all symptoms of perimenopause. Are you above 40 and feel like you need hormonal support? I'm here for you!


PMS/ PMDD & Painful periods

Are you dreading your period each month? Not functioning half of the month due to low mood, depression, cramping and painful periods? That's the program for you.


Getting off the pill / PCOS

If you are diagnosed with PCOS, or you're on the pill, and you want to get off it, but scared of acne, messy & painful periods, I offer a support just for that. You can be rest assured that your periods will be peaceful and your skin will be glowing.

"We don't need to fix the body, we only need to get out of its way to enable its natural healing abilities" 

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